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    About Songs & Artists.

    The songs and music played on this web radio are offered by the creators for use without monetary benefits of distributors. Some rights requirement when the distributors and users earn proffit from this music and songs. All played media covered by CC (Creative Common) licensing and thanks to FMA (Free Music Aschive), and Tribe of Noise, whitch offers freely, we can play that songs for our and your pleasure.


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    Our Process.

    We discover songs and music that everyone likes A large number of artists with wonderful work remain unknown to the general public. We try to discover this wonderful work and to promote it, giving the opportunity to these artists to make their work known to the general public, because that is the purpose of the artist. To share his music with the audiens.

    Our Approach.

    We feel the music and the song that unites us. Music is a way of conveying emotion. One of the best human characteristics. And that does not change in time.

    Our Goal.

    The endless musical entertainment.

    Our Mission.

    To we keep alive this web radio .

    Our Rockstar Team.

    The AfterPM it is not professional or commercial web radio and does not make any money or profit from its operation by any means. We pay all fees for equipment and web connections plus servers and maintenance. We love music like you and that was and remains our passion. If you would like some music or song to be in your media storage, buy it and support the artist.

    Most of time in 24 hours period the choices of songs and music are made by the automated system mainly. The autoDJ system named DJ Misa

    Some time we play live music from our home studio. One of the live DJs likes to call him Pinocchio. "I'm real boy"

      Our Web Radio Status.

      The latest news and activities of your radio are described here .

      August 12-2021

      New server.

      Α new server is up and running with a new faster connections.

      August 13, 2021

      New playlist.

      A new list of songs is being prepared that will include genres of music for a pleasant listening at any time of the day.

      September 09-2021

      Mobile app.

      You can now search for the afterpm radio in to the free app's. In Apple Store or Google Play. Online Radio Box or MyTuner

      Get In Touch With Us.

      We will be especially happy to read our comments, suggestions or mistakes and generally anything you would like to share with us. Do not hesitate to send us a message.

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